The Ductless Mini-Split System: A Unique Heating And Cooling Solution That’s Mini In Name Only

Ductless mini-split systems are extremely versatile and useful comfort solutions. They can be used as complements to non-ducted systems or reach areas of your home that your current ductwork can’t reach without expensive modification. They are also powerful as well as energy efficient.

To understand how ductless mini-split systems can be helpful, you need to understand how they work. A compressor that is kept outside of your home is controlled by an indoor air handler in the living space you are looking to cool and heat. The compressor generates conditioned air and sends it through a ductless conduit into your home. The conduit also contains the power cord, condensate pan and tubing. It enters your home through a small three-inch hole that your HVAC technician will drill into the wall and seal up.

You can use a single compressor to attach to four different air handlers. They can all have their own temperature setting to match the needs of the occupants. You can also keep the compressor up to 50 feet away from the indoor units so that you can keep it out of sight. This helps to reduce the amount of noise you hear it make.

The indoor unit can come as a floor-standing model or you can get units that can be hung from the ceiling or wall. You can even keep them out of the way in places you can’t physically reach by using a remote control. This way, you can adjust the power and temperature as easily as changing channels on your television.

Since ductless mini-splits only need to be turned on when the area they are in is occupied, you end up reducing your energy usage substantially. You don’t find yourself paying to keep empty areas warm or cool when they don’t need to be.

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