UV Lights: Hard On Mold And Bacteria

Take a proactive stance against mold and bacteria with UV lights. Ultraviolet (UV) lights specifically target biological contaminants such as bacteria, mold and viruses, cleaning up your indoor air and giving you and your family members some much needed respite.

How UV light systems work

Replicating the powerful air-cleaning action of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, artificial UV rays installed in a mechanical device perform the same action: cleaning the air that passes over them. However, safety is a concern when using UV lights, as exposure to the rays is hazardous. That’s why residential UV-light systems are installed either in the supply duct located next to the air conditioner’s indoor unit or on the actual coil. But the contaminants that pass through the rays are powerless. Once the cells are exposed to the ultraviolet light, their DNA changes, and they’re no longer able to reproduce, which means they’re no longer harmful to your indoor air quality.

Putting the cleaning action to work

In-duct systems work like this: The return duct draws the home’s airstream into the air-handling unit. The air passes over the coil, where it’s cooled. Then, as the air handler pushes the air back into the duct supply portion of the system, the air passes through the UV lights.

UV lights installed on the coil work in much the same way; however, with the ultraviolet rays hitting the air just before it passes over the coil, pollutants are removed from the air before they can access the coil, preventing coil contamination. When buildup gathers on the coil, it reduces its efficiency and limits the overall performance of the A/C. When you run your heating system during the winter, the UV lights continue their powerful scrubbing action, cleaning the air of viruses and bacteria.

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