Indoor Air Quality Less Than It Should Be? Try These Approaches

People with respiratory problems are frequently forced to stay inside when the outdoor air is full of allergens. Unfortunately, the air inside many homes is even worse for those who have trouble breathing. Furniture, building materials and cleaning agents are just some of the sources of noxious emissions. Add mold and mildew to the mix, and the air can be seem like a muddy mess. But there are several ways you can remedy this situation and improve the air quality in your home. Here are some strategies.


The humidity in the San Antonio area can get right up there. A whole-house dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from your air when your cooling system can’t do the job all by itself. You can also use the whole-house dehumidifier by itself in milder weather. Dryer air feels cooler, so you might not need your air conditioner. A properly dehumidified home is less likely to have mold problems, which can be a significant health issue.

Boost your ventilation

Good ventilation is key to air quality in your home. It’s necessary to get the good air in and the bad air out. Your kitchen and your bathrooms should all have exhaust fans, and they should be vented to the outside–not the attic. Like a dehumidifier, the bathroom exhaust fans will help to remove moisture. In the kitchen, an exhaust fan will remove fumes.

You might also want to consider a mechanical ventilation system, which will automatically replace the air supply in your home several times a day.

Clean the air Air cleaners can remove many pollutants. These work best, however, if you get rid of the source or sources of any allergens. For example, if mold is a problem, removing it, dehumidifying and ventilating might be strategies to use in tandem with air cleaning. Electronic air cleaners remove particulates by giving them a magnetic charge. UV-light systems destroy biological contaminants.

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