San Antonio Has a Long Allergy Season: How to Cope

Allergy season in San Antonio includes high counts of dust and dander in addition to those from trees, weeds and grass. The sometimes-dry air also makes dust a big allergy problem in the area in addition to allergens found inside the home. Seasonal allergies can result in a variety of health problems, including sneezing, runny nose, congestion and other sinus issues. Air filters are one way to reduce your home’s allergens, among other steps.

  • Air filters: Air filters keep a home’s air clean by trapping pollen and other small particles that contribute to poor air quality. Some models are portable and may be moved to different rooms as needed. If your home features ductwork, you may opt for “whole-house” filters that work with air conditioning and furnace systems.
  • Types of filters: There are numerous varieties of filters, such as mechanical filters, which work via fans that force air through a screen that traps pollen, smoke and other allergens. There are also electronic air filters, which use electrical charges to attract and dispose of allergens. Hybrid air filters are a combination of electrical and mechanical versions, while gas phase air filters remove volatile organic compounds, paint fumes and cooking gas from the air via activated carbon granules.
  • Filters and MERV ratings: When shopping for air filters, look at their MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings, which provide information on how well filters trap small particles. A MERV rating of 1 through 4 means the filter is generally cheaper and traps large particles. Those with ratings of 7-12 are quality filters constructed with denser material that traps increasingly smaller particles. These filters are more expensive, but trap the most allergens. They also won’t affect airflow — a drawback with higher efficiency filters.
  • Additional tips: Additional tips for reducing allergens in the home during allergy season include keeping doors and windows closed during high pollen count days, vacuuming often, and utilizing your home’s air conditioning.

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