Indoor Air Quality Got You Down? Schedule A Professional Test For Your San Antonio Home

Improving indoor air quality in homes requires key insight into what pollutants are present in the home and solving that problem with the right equipment or solution. A professional indoor air quality test helps reveal the source of pollution. Working with an indoor air quality expert, homeowners can choose the best approach to remedying their indoor air.

We offer unparalleled access to air quality solutions, as well as expert testing to identify problematic pollutants. Here’s an inside look at our process:

  • We place a monitor in the home, which reads multiple factors over a period of time, providing a comprehensive assessment of the home’s air quality.
  • We provide clients with a detailed written report, with easy-to-read graphics showing the results of the test, as well as possible solutions.
  • We thoroughly explain the results of the report and walk you through possible solutions. We’ll also help you run the numbers, calculating the operating costs and lifetime costs of the options you’re considering.


The typical report shows the testing period dates, the gamut of pollutants the test covered, as well as what pollutants were found in the air and the possible causes of the pollutants and effective solutions.

We test for a variety of particulates, chemical compounds and carbon dioxide. We also assess the home’s humidity levels and read carbon monoxide levels in the home. The report clearly shows homeowners if their indoor air quality is in the safe zone or if it’s necessary to take action. If action is required, the report will outline what factors may be contributing to the problem, such as an incorrect temperature setpoint leading to higher humidity levels, as well as a variety of effective solutions that specifically target the problem areas, such as adding a ventilation system to reduce humidity.

With access to professional indoor air quality testing and a comprehensive report detailing the problems and solutions, our customers are able to remedy air quality problems effectively and swiftly.

For more information, or to schedule an air quality test, contact Beyer Boys today. We’ve served San Antonio and South Texas since 1990.

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