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Blog Title: Why does heat pumps blow cold air in winter?
Why does heat pumps blow cold air in winter?
Category: Portable Ac Systems Post By: Nancy Kohler (Newark, NJ), 09/02/2016

"• A heat pump is not as effective as a gas or an electric furnace in peak winter season. This is because it is not able to source enough heat from the atmosphere. The warm air produced by a heat pump can be categorized as lukewarm. • There could another instance when the air blowing out of heat pump would feel cool. This is seen when the unit goes into defrost cycle. It is not unusual for the heat pump to get frosted in winter. You will then see a layer of ice on the outdoor coils. In such occasions the defrost cycle is activated to melt the ice. When it does this, cold air coming out of your vents before the heat pump begins heating again. If these are not the cause thn the fault lies in the pump. You should contact a HVAc technician. "

- Fred Hopkins (Boston, MA), 09/03/2016
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