Cold And Flu Season’s Almost Here — UV Lights Can Help You Keep It At Bay

With cold and flu season upon us, it’s not too late to add germ protection that will greatly minimize the number of germs floating around your house. UV lights can be installed quickly and easily into your air system to provide you with an efficient germicidal tool.

Modern homes are built with the intent of keeping air within your house so that you conserve energy. While this helps keep energy costs low, one of the unintended side effects is that it can trap in germs. If a single household member brings in a flu or cold bug, it will get caught up in the airflow of your home, reproduce and eventually spread throughout your house. UV lights can stop that from happening.

UV light emits low levels of UV radiation that, when contained in your air system, can be used to kill harmful microbial life forms such as viruses, mold and bacteria. As soon as these pollutants are exposed to UV light, they are rendered ineffective.

An HVAC technician can install a UV lamp in your ductwork that stays on and eliminates a large percentage of these contaminants from your air. Since they work regardless of whether or not the HVAC system is actually operating, air is continuously being disinfected.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has long noticed the power of UV lights, and recommends their implementation in hospital air systems. This helps control dangerous germs within the hospitals so that they don’t spread from patient to patient or patient to staff member.

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