Electronic Air Cleaner And UV Lights — Because You Could Use A Breath Of Fresh Air

Over the course of an average day, many of us will spend almost 90 percent of it indoors, working, eating, relaxing and sleeping. Because we spend so much time enclosed in rooms and buildings, the quality of the indoor air we breathe has a long-lasting effect on our respiratory health and general well-being.

An effective weapon against indoor air contaminants is an electronic air cleaner in tandem with germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light. While the air cleaner removes particulates, the UV light kills potentially harmful microorganisms.

Electronic air cleaners

Electronic air cleaners remove airborne contaminants through electrostatic attraction. This process transmits an electrical charge to particles in the air, causing them to be attracted to surfaces such as walls or collecting plates. As the particles accumulate on these surfaces, they are removed from your indoor air.

Electrostatic precipitators and ion generators are two common types of electronic air cleaners. Electrostatic precipitators charge particles in the air as they are drawn through an ionization section. The charged particles accumulate on flat metal collecting plates with an opposite electrical charge. Ion generators send charged ions into the air, where they attach to and charge particulate matter. These charged particles then adhere to surfaces in the room such as walls or drapes. Sometimes the particles attach to each other and settle onto the floor or other surfaces.

UV light

UV light, a powerful disinfectant, removes biological contaminants in the air by causing irreparable damage to the organism’s DNA and rendering it unable to reproduce. If bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms cannot reproduce, they cannot multiply and infect our bodies. Germicidal UV lights are placed within the airflow of your forced-air HVAC systems where they affect microorganisms traveling within that airflow. Biological contaminants must be directly exposed to the UV light for it to be effective.

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