Control Summer Allergies With This Expert Advice

In an attempt to control summer allergies, you probably seek refuge inside of your home. However, allergy symptoms can be triggered by factors inside your house that are often just as problematic as outdoor triggers.

To control summer allergies, consider the following tips:

  • Limit allergy-triggering behaviors – One of the most significant triggers for allergies is smoking, so don’t permit smoking inside of your home. That rule should include cigar or pipe smoking, too.
  • Develop a cleaning schedule – Keeping your home clean will go a long way toward controlling summer allergies. Weekly cleanings are a must, as well as using best cleaning practices. The dusting tool you use should permanently trap dust and pollutants, as should your vacuum. For best results, consider using a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum.
  • Make cleaning easy – Dust and pollutants like to rest on knickknacks, books and so forth. Having as few items around as possible will keep pollutants to a minimum and encourage you to clean more often.
  • Install an air purifier – Your options include ultraviolet lights, electronic air cleaners and air-purification systems. Talk to your indoor air-quality expert to determine which piece of equipment will work best for your needs, as each system uses technology to address differing pollutants. However, an air-purification system, such as the Lennox PureAir, is often the best choice, as this type of system is uniquely designed to deal with all three classes of contaminants, or pollutants.
  • Limit pets – Any pets that have dander will trigger allergies. If you can, keep your home free of pets to control summer allergies. If you do have pets, brush them daily, and wipe them down with a wet rag.
  • Select home products carefully – Many paints, furniture and other products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can trigger summer allergies, so be sure to choose products that are safe.

Now that you know how to control summer allergies and can create a safe haven inside of your home, contact Beyer Boys for more expert advice to improve indoor air quality. We’ve served San Antonio and South Texas since 1990.

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