3 Easy Steps To Control Indoor Air Quality

There’s nothing more important than the health of your family, and a large part of maintaining that health is ensuring the best indoor air quality in your home. You and your family spend a significant portion of every day at home, and if the air isn’t entirely safe, that means hours of breathing contaminants. There are, however, three easy steps to maintain indoor air quality and reduce the risk of asthma, allergies and a host of other respiratory problems.

Adequate testing

Step one is to determine what contaminants, if any, exist in your indoor air. Testing should cover biological contaminants such as mold and bacteria, as well as chemical contaminants such as carbon monoxide and radon, which can lead to serious health issues, even death, if not properly monitored. Because of the seriousness of chemical contaminants within the home, testing is best done under the supervision of a professional.

Preventive detection

The next step is to install detectors to monitor contaminant levels. Detectors for radon and carbon monoxide are most commonly installed. There are also detectors for carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and others, but these gases are far less common and can be tested for on an individual basis if necessary. As with fire detectors, check frequently that all batteries are fresh and the unit is working properly.

Source control

The third step is removing the source of contamination. While many assume hazardous material can be removed from the air by filtration, most in-house filtration systems are designed to capture particles, but not gases. As such, they are not effective against pollutants such as carbon monoxide. Special filtration systems (such as activated charcoal) must be installed by qualified professionals. To help remove airborne pollutants, refrain from smoking, burning candles, using pesticides or using harsh chemical cleaners indoors.

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